Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Zaru Soba

Hello everyone!

Today I packed myself zaru soba or cold soba for lunch in my bento, along with some fruits for snacking during the afternoon.

I do have some tsuyu packed in the upper lid layer of the bento that isn't pictured here.

The soba was quite easy to make.  For the stuff I bought, you boil it for ~3 minutes before draining and rinsing it in a colander or strainer.  I have leftover for another day, which I have stored in my fridge wrapped in seran wrap and sealed in tupperwear.  Soba loses some of its firm texture in storage, but I'm okay with that myself.

It should also be noted that this dish IS meant to be eaten.. well, cold!  It is cold soba after all!  I have stored today's bento in the fridge at my workplace for today instead of on my desk where I normally might keep it.  If you are going to be traveling or in a place without a fridge for lunch storage, zaru soba might not be the right choice for your bento!

That's all for today. :3

                      /\' '/\
*~Bento Neko =^.^=

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