Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I am bento-less today!  But that's okay, this was intentional.  My workplace has a sort of tradition where Wednesdays are "pupusa" days.

Pupusas are a dish from El Salvador!

(Picture from Wikipedia, read more about pupusas here!)

It's essentially a corn tortilla filled with all sorts of goodness.  I enjoy mine with a chicken and cheese filling, but they have veggies in there too!  We obtain our pupusas from a local farmers market that happens near work on Wednesday afternoons.  The pupusas there are not only cheap, but delicious.

We don't go every Wednesday, but we haven't been in quite some time.  It has probably been about a month for me.  But - for today, it is definitely on the agenda!  So I have shelved my bentos (literally!) for today.

Still.. if you haven't tried pupusas, please do someday.  I didn't even know what a pupusa was until I started this job last year.  I am very glad I took the plunge!  I am not always an adventurous eater, and I have some health-related dietary restrictions that can make spontaneity difficult (another great reason to pack bentos), but in this case it was worth the risk.  Nom.

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