Sunday, June 16, 2013


Today I went by Mitsuwa Marketplace in Santa Monica.  They are an awesome Japanese market with a small book/video store and even a food court!  There are several locations throughout southern California, but the Santa Monica one was the most convenient place for me to stop by today.

I picked up some shirataki noodles, which I'm really excited to try.  I bought the kind made with tofu.  I enjoy the ones made just from the yam fiber, but the tofu adds a little extra protein.  Hopefully I can dress it up in an appetizing way!  Shirataki are great because you can eat a whole bag for about 40 calories and 6g of carbs.  That's it!  They're also already cooked.  You take them out of the bag, rinse them, and your'e ready!

I got the skinny kind, made to resemble angel hair pasta.

I also picked up some cold soba and cold udon noodles that came pre-packed with dipping sauce, ready to go!  This is great for a lazy neko like myself.  Of course, cold noodles are quite simple to make, especially if you just pick up your tsuyu (dipping sauce) from the store.  The thing I like about the stuff I bought today, though, is that the dipping sauce is packed and sealed already and I can just stick it into my bento without using a sauce container.

Do note, though: this is only useful if you're like me and have access to loads of little cups at work!  You'll still want a sauce container of some kind if you don't have anything to put your tsuyu in.  Although, you could just drizzle it over your noodles and enjoy!  If you enjoy it, also add some wasabi, scallions, and/or ginger to your bento to add to your dipping sauce.

Mitsuwa also stocks pre-made onigiri of several varieties.  My favorites are the ume (pickled plum) and sake (salmon) varieties!  These are fairly cheap and a nice option if you aren't great at making your own rice balls.  They can be frozen and eaten later, which is what I am doing with mine.  You can defrost in the microwave or gradually in the fridge - whatever works for you.

(Please note: this image is note mine, bit it is from a Mistuwa!)

On the western side of things, I've collected some materials for making sandwiches.  I've also loaded up on fruits!  Raspberries, blackberries, grapes, bananas, and nectarines.  I love clementines too, but was sadly unable to find them today.

In any event, those are what I'm starting with for now!

                      /\' '/\
*~Bento Neko =^.^=

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