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This blog is meant to chronicle my attempt at becoming a regular maker of bento lunches for myself (and, if he wants me to, my fiance).

I am the Bento Neko.  I'm 23 years old and I live in Los Angeles, CA.  I don't really know how to cook much of anything.  I live in a small apartment with a tiny kitchen and pretty limited counter space.  I own a decent set of pots and pans, but don't have any kitchen equipment outside of that.  I currently own 2 bento boxes, pictured below.

A more traditional looking bento...

And a more modern-styled one.

Both of these bentos are fairly large inside.  The red and white one (looks like a pokeball, ne?) holds 500ml in each tier, while the other holds 460ml in each tier.  Again, both pretty large in size.  I may end up acquiring smaller ones as I go along.  In general, I like to pack my main lunch meal in the bottom tier and use the upper tier for snacks through out the day.

If either of these interest you, I bought the traditional looking box from  The item is listed here.  The other one is a monbento box that I ordered from

I also have a couple of books to help guide me and give me a few ideas along my way.

(as you can see, I have taken the book images from Amazon... heh!)

Although I love Japanese cuisine, most of my bentos (for now) will likely be Western in nature.  If I can fit it in the box, it's a bento. :3

I won't be packing one until Monday when I am going to work... so no pictures of actual food until then.  See you next time!

                      /\' '/\
*~Bento Neko =^.^=

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